Special Events

Each Saturday, all persons on camp will enjoy a very special day other than the normal daily schedule.

Programs include competition days such as:
Battle of the Sexes, Olympic Day, College Day, Battle of the Decades and other fun programming such as Shaving Cream Fight, Water balloon fight, Beach Parties and more!

In addition to our famous Saturday special days, Sunday Fun-day (a lazy morning with “breakfast-on-the-porch”, Color War, Maccabi Games, 4th of July, Boys/ Girls days are surely something all of our campers look forward to each summer!

Most campers and counselors agree that Color War, in which the camp is split into two teams who compete in both athletic and non-athletic activities, is without a doubt the best part of the overall Camp Shalom experience.

Each blue and white team takes pride in its themes, costumes, banners and constant cheering for three days, culminating with the traditional Sad Song competition and Closing Ceremonies. This final contest, along with events like the Mud Pit, Rope Burning and Marathon and all other Color War activities, provides an incredibly exciting experience where campers utilize the skills they have learned during the summer.

As the highpoint of camp, the Color War atmosphere stresses sportsmanship, spirit and camaraderie. Color War occurs in the last week of the summer.