A Perfect Mix of Option and Scheduled Activities…

Our program is a perfect mix of scheduled activities and “Option” activities, which each camper gets to choose
Each day we have six activity periods, three in the morning, three in the afternoon and free time after dinner. We have one options in the morning and in the afternoon, and after dinner is called Free Time. This way each camper gets to specialize in the areas they love.

Of the scheduled activities we also make sure each bunk has a fun, well balanced schedule. We make sure that each bunk is scheduled daily for the waterfront and/or pool, a sport or fitness activity, and so much more.

It’s our goal to keep each and everyday exciting and fun
Every Saturday is special. On Saturdays we have great “all-camp” activities. Programs include competition days such as Battle of the Sexes, Olympic Day, College Day, Battle of the Decades and other fun programming such as Shaving Cream Fight, Water balloon fight, Beach Parties and more!

And that’s just the days
Every night we have wonderful evening activities. We’ve created many all-camp activities where everyone participates, like “Family Feud”, “Name That Tune”, “Counselor Hunt”, “Escape to Freedom”, “Minute to Win It” and so much more! And of course we have our great dances, skit nights and shows. The fun never stops at Camp Shalom.


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