First Year Campers


We spoon-feed everything. You won’t have to stay up late at night wondering what questions to ask! What to worry about! What to pack!  What to what!

We will hold your hand and become your parenting partners! It does not take long to be a comfortable member of our camp family; if this is your first sleep-away camp experience; if you are shy, bashful, overwhelmed or extremely confident; you have found the right place! Traditions, great activities, special events and complete access to us: the owners and directors.
Camp Shalom serves boys and girls entering grades 2 through 11. Each cabin group consists of 8-12 campers. All of our cabins include indoor bathrooms and showers and storage for clothing and equipment. Please read the section “Cabin Life” to learn more about the cabin structure.

Great Reputation Since 1970

Since 1970 Camp Shalom has earned a reputation for its success with first-time campers. We’ve been making the first-time camp experience an easy, fun-filled and memorable life adventure! Our expertise is evident in all phases of the camp experience. You’ll see it in the assistance we provide before camp, the care and attention we devote during the summer and our dedication even after the season has ended.

Before Camp

A comprehensive Welcome Packet is supplied after enrollment which contains all of the information you’ll need to make camp preparations easy and manageable. From tips on how to prepare your child for the first-time camp experience to guidelines as to what to bring to camp. Our Parent’s Handbook covers everything!

Many times campers like to talk and meet with new camp friends before camp. Lists of campers living nearby and lists of campers assigned to the newcomer’s cabin are made available in early spring.

Parents of newcomers appreciate the fact that our office staff is always available to answer questions and offer friendly advice. If you have a question, call us. We’re here to help!

Join us for the NEW CAMPER ORIENTATION which is held in May. The orientation will cover everything you and your camper can expect leading up to and throughout the summer.

During Camp

As soon as the camper arrives in camp he/she is under the care and attention of an adult member of our Senior Staff. These are child care specialists who work directly with our campers and include our camp directors, assistant directors and camp moms.

At least 80% of our counselor staff are returning Camp Shalomers who are trained in meeting the needs of first-time campers.

Camp Shalom has a reputation of being a relaxed, friendly camp where it’s very easy to “fit in”. By the end of the first week, all first-time campers will know the name of every person on camp.

The Camper Profile Form (within the Camper Application) helps our staff address specific parental concerns and summer goals which increases the opportunity for a successful summer experience.

For a camper to make a smooth transition to life away from home it’s imperative that the child be busy from morning until night and involved in a program that’s dynamic, engaging and a lot of fun. We know of no other summer program that offers our range of daily activities, our variety of evening activities or a more comprehensive schedule of special events, trips, and more!

Sometimes it’s helpful to enlist the aid of an older experience camper in the acclimatization process. Camp Shalom’s Big Brother and Big Sister Program allows interested older campers to help in making the newcomers feel welcome and accepted.