Thank you for your interest in Camp Shalom. Please note we will not be having summer sessions in 2021. Please check back soon for news on any potential 2022 season. For more information, please click here.

How do I get more information?

We’d like to hear from you. Contact us between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time any weekday at 786-344-3726 or 561-310-4421.

How do we get to camp?

For a fee, campers may travel to camp on a coach bus which drives up from South Florida and stop along the Florida turnpike to pick up campers. Also, campers can be dropped off by their parents on opening day.

When should I enroll my child?

Since space is limited in each age group and our re-enrollment is between 90-95%, we suggest the earlier the better to ensure that your child will get the Camp Shalom experience.

Can I get some references?

Sure, just contact us and we’ll be happy to provide them for you

Where are most of the children from?

Most of our campers reside in the state of Florida however we do have campers from the Southeast US and South America.

How does my child choose activities/options/ clubs?

Every week, campers will choose clubs and sports options. We encourage campers to try new activities all the time, but also allow them to repeat activities they really like. In addition to the weekly options, each day, campers can also choose 1 activity they wish to attend.

How are campers bunked for the summer?

Campers are grouped in bunks by grade and gender. We take a lot of time to bunk our campers with others that we feel they will connect with and make lasting friendships. You are able to make bunking requests so that your child can be with one or two children, or bunked separately, if you prefer . We can not guarantee all requests but will do our best to accommodate. Top or bottom bunks can be requested.

Are there a lot of choices at mealtimes?

Yes. Besides the kosher-style hot meal, there is a full salad bar, bread, pasta, and fruit at lunch and dinner. If a camper still can’t find something they like, they can also approach their counselor to help them find something in our fully stocked kitchen. Check out the Health & Nutrition section for more information.

Can you accommodate my child’s allergies?

We can accommodate most special dietary needs. For further information, check out the Health & Nutrition page or contact the camp director for specific questions.

Are there any other expenses? Do campers need extra money?

Canteen is included for all campers twice a week. ALL campers must have Off-Camp Trip Spending Money. Spending money for Big Trips (1 per session) is NOT included in the Camp Fee. We recommend $40 per child, per trip.

Do you offer Bar/Bat Mitzvah tutoring?

Yes, our bar/bat mitzvah tutor helps campers with their preparation. She will help the camper review the Torah/Haftarah portion and any part of the service the camper needs assistance in. The lessons are offered on a weekly basis at no extra cost. If you would like for your child to take these lessons, they can be added after registration in your camper’s online registration.

How does the laundry work?

Laundry is done once a week by bunk at our onsite laundry facility. Bunk counselors help the campers move laundry from their cab. Counselors assist campers from their cabin to the laundry room. Please label every item of clothing with your child’s name.

How do I keep in touch with my child once they are at camp?

You, your family members and friends can go to our camp web site as much as you like to email campers using our easy web form. The email system will open on the first day of camp. Campers also enjoy letters and packages sent by US mail. We post pictures, daily, usually by 11 pm EST, by camp. On occasion, technology issues and/or camp programs intervene and posting of photos may be delayed. We try our very best to capture pictures of many campers every day. You should expect to see your camper once every 3 days. If not, please let us know. We also upload video clips from camp to highlight different activities and events. If you ever have any concerns during the summer, you can reach us by calling our summer office and will get back to you promptly to deal with any issues.

Can I Reserve My Child’s Bed?

Although you can not reserve an actual bed, you can request a top or bottom bunk. There is a specific question on this topic on the Camp Application.

What is the recommended amount to tip my child’s staff?

The giving of gratuities to staff has become quite the tradition amongst parents. Each summer the office receives many inquiries for guidance on this topic. For anyone interested in tipping their child(ren)s staff, the information below can be used as a guide in doing so. We encourage anyone who might be uncomfortable with the practice of tipping staff to write a nice “Thank You” letter to each counselor & LIT. While monetary gifts are greatly appreciated, a good old fashioned thank you letter goes a long way!

 Session Counselor LIT
 Full (7 Weeks)  $70-$100  $35-$70
 1st Session (4 weeks)  $40-$60  $20-$40
 2nd Session (3 weeks)  $30-$45  $15-$30
 K’Ton Session (2 weeks)  $20-$30  $10-$20

My child is celebrating their birthday at camp. How can we make this extra special?

We LOVE Birthdays in general, but especially Camp Birthdays, as they are extra special!! A Camp Birthday is celebrated in many ways; with special birthday message announced over the loudspeaker in the morning; a phone call home and decorations throughout the camper’s cabin and Dining Hall. Not to mention skipping around the room after dinner! To round out the day, the entire cabin (plus siblings and relatives) are treated to a birthday party with personalized camp cake created by our very own Clarence, fun drinks and delivery pizza! If your child is celebrating a birthday at camp, please notify us at office@campshalom.net.

Do you have to be Jewish to come to Camp Shalom?

Camp Shalom respects all religions and welcomes people of all faiths. We are not an extremely religious camp, but Judaism is a substantial part of our camping style. While you may be a minority at Camp Shalom, it is our experience that non-Jewish staff members are very comfortable with the level and type of Judaism we practice.