CHARM Values Program

It has been said that, ” teaching children to count isn’t nearly as important as teaching them what counts.” Camp offers the perfect environment to teach children important life lessons that the traditional academic environment just isn’t designed to impart. Under the careful guidance of trained camp professionals, children can learn and practice social skills at a level not offered in school.

Camp teaches values such as self-esteem, teamwork, and caring.

Camp allows everyone, not just the top camper and the best athlete, to thrive and enjoy the process of learning and character development.

Character Development isn’t happening to a great degree in most other arenas in a child’s life and we recognize positive character.

Seven Key Character Traits

  1. Zest, by which he means exuberance for living and doing.
  2. Grit, which is stick-to-itiveness and the ability to recover from a set back.
  3. Self-control, or self-regulation, including the ability to manage even very strong feelings and impulses.
  4. Social intelligence, which includes an array of things like recognizing the reactions and feelings in others and the ability to adapt quickly to different social situations.
  5. Gratitude.
  6. Optimism.
  7. Curiosity, or having a sense of wonder about nature and the world around you.

The Program


On the first night of camp, each cabin will have their own “initiation” ceremony. At this “initiation”, among other things, staff will review our CHARM program and what it means.

Each camper will receive a lanyard necklace to wear around their neck or keep at their cubby. Throughout the summer, campers can earn beads to add to their necklace. Beads will symbolize positive character that is recognized by cabin staff, professional staff, upper management and others. Campers can also nominate other campers for positive character. We will award beads on a daily basis. Different color beads will represent different things.