Typical Day at Camp

Time  Program
 8am Good Morning Camp Shalom! 8:30am Enjoy a yummy breakfast that will surely fill you up for another fun filled Camp Shalom day. Start your day off with fresh fruit, cereal, eggs, pancakes and more.
 9am Everyone works together to clean the cabin! The highest bunk check score wins prizes.
 9:45am Flag raising, singing and getting ready for morning activities.
 10am  Three 45-minute activity periods. Some are camper options in which campers have the opportunity to focus on their specific interests and other activities are enjoyed as a full cabin. The choices are endless, the fun is contagious.
 1pm Lunch time! Whether it’s our home cooked meal served by our in-house chef or the fresh salad bar set up daily, there is something for everyone.
Time  Program
 1:45pm Break time. Chill in the cabin, read a book, write home or play games, this is a great time to relax and get ready for the afternoon activities.
 3pm Another three 45-minute activity periods which includes a delicious cold refreshing snack in between periods. Some activities are camper options while others are attended as a complete cabin.
 5:45pm Flag Lowering.
 6pm Dinner awaits. Enjoy a freshly cooked meal- Spaghetti, chicken fingers, burgers & dogs and so much more!
6:45pm Free time- all activity areas around camp are open for campers to enjoy. This is also a great time for campers to get ready for the nights activity.
 7:45pm Evening activity! Family feud, name that tune, bunk skit night, games and relays, dances, counselor hunt, carnival and more! Night activities are a blast at Camp Shalom.
 8:45pm A delicious dessert for each camper every night. Canteen twice weekly for all campers! Enjoy a snack and cool drink while hanging with friends before its time for bed.
 9:15-10:30pm Curfew for campers. Times depend on age group.
  • Lights out around camp. Silence is golden as the night sky is filled with stars. The air is fresh and cool. Another Camp Shalom day is in the books and all of our campers are happy and safe. Tomorrow will be even better than today!
Evening Activities 
Camp doesn’t slow down when the sun goes down. Evenings at Camp Shalom are a special time for campers to bond with friends and enjoy spirited camp fun! Click here for more info on Evening Activities.